Hiddink blasts Man City

Hiddink reckons City’s cash can not buy Chelsea star John Terry.

He said: “There’s more than money in this. There’s also the culture of the club, history with the club.

“There’s also a kind of history with John. His statement was clear. So was the club’s statement.

“John made a very clear statement — that he is a Chelsea man and wants to stay a Chelsea man.

“The club have also made it very clear that they want to continue ‘forever’ with John Terry.

“I can imagine that John will stay until the end of his career.”

Hiddink also labelled City’s £105million move for AC Milan ace Kaka as ‘immoral’.

He added: “With Kaka then yes, it’s immoral. But where are the boundaries where it is moral or not?

“Is it with £10m or £100m? It is difficult to say whether it’s immoral for £100m but £50m is moral.”