Holloway stun Blackpool fans

Blackpool have managed to beat clubs such as Liverpool, Newcastle and Wigan so far this season.

Holloway said: “Blackpool is a fantastic place to be because the supporters of a famous club are enjoying themselves more than they have for 40 years and that is totally uplifting.

“Nobody can ever take that away from me, apart from the Premier League because we may not be good enough to stay in it.

“I’m not actually going to be that upset if that happens and we’ve had a right good go at it because we won’t be the first to go boing, boing as the West Brom fans can tell you.

“But when I have a team meeting, I don’t tell my players that. I tell them how good they can be and we keep moving on.

“I want them to prove me right as to how good they are.

“We won’t get carried away, we won’t get too over the top if we’ve lost, and we won’t get too depressed if we’ve lost on a regular basis.

“That’s what everybody’s expected to happen, but I hope the bookies are wrong again like they were last year.”