Hughes ready to take Robinho action

Hughes says he will reprimand Robinho for his recent indiscipline and the Welsh gaffer expect the backing of the club’s Arab owner.

“I will deal with Robinho in such a way that I absolutely would not expect this to happen again,” Hughes told the Daily Mail.

“I feel confident that if there was a longer problem with any player – even Robinho – I would have the go-ahead from Sheikh Mansour to deal with it in whatever way I saw fit.”

“People talk about assurances to Robinho, but any reassurances would just be repetition. He knows how I feel,” added Hughes.

“I have always felt that the top players are easier to control because they have a professional mentality and a winning mentality and that is why they are at the top.

“Now it seems a bit bizarre to be talking like this considering what has happened with Robinho, but it will be addressed, mainly because I expect certain standards from my best guys.

“I have no problem with good footballers.

“The ones that are a problem are those ones that have a higher opinion of their ability than is apparent and a higher opinion of their worth to the team.”