I almost quit Everton – Moyes

But after a talk with Booby Robson, he had now decided to stay on, and is close to signing a five-year contract worth around £3.5million.

Moyes said: “It had been going through my head that to be at one club for six and a half years was a long time — possibly too long.

“Then I went to this dinner in July for Bobby Robson. He got up to speak about his time in management and said he’d been at Ipswich for more than 12 years — then he mentioned Brian Clough was with Forest for 13.

“And it made me think how lucky I was that, in a period when managers may get one or two years in a job, I had been at Everton for six and a half years.

“What Bobby said made me think it’s not long enough and that I still have a job to do. It’s a dream and he inspired with me with his words.”

He added: “The reason it has taken so long is because I want the best for Everton.

“Last season, when we were fourth, I wanted funds so we could really compete.

“In the end I’ve had to accept we don’t have that sort of money. But I am going to sign.”