Ibra wins the Guldbollen

The former Juventus striker is the first man to secure a third Guldbollen.

“Now I feel that I have entered the history books,” Ibrahimovic told Aftonbladet.

“There were so many fantastic Swedish players before me who won this honour and now I have arrived from lowly Rosengard to win it three times.

“It was really nice to meet Prince Carl Philip. It’s not every day that someone from my background gets this experience.”

Zlatan also commented on his life in the city of Milan to Radiosporten.

“I like the area where I live, but I’ve practically seen nothing of the city,” he explained.

“However, that doesn’t disappoint me because I have never been interested in any city.

“The only thing I’m bothered about is the road to training and the road back.

“I miss my children so much when I am away from home. Sometimes I think I want to put my family before football, but I know that I would miss the game so much if I left it.

“When I go on holiday, after two or three days at most I get the desire to train with a football.

“But I don’t watch Italian football TV programmes. I get bored and change the channel after 10 or 15 minutes because they show the same thing 50 times – isn’t once or twice enough?”