Inler denies Napoli contact

The midfielder has been linked with a move to Napoli in recent weeks.

Dino Lamberti told Radio Gol: “Taking him to Napoli would be beautiful. I am Neapolitan and I promised myself in the past that, if I were to help a player sign for Napoli, I would retire. Sure, at just 40 years of age, it would be a bit premature of me.

“I haven’t had any contact with Napoli. The player has a contract with Udinese and, honestly, I would not like to do anything that could be considered disrespectful towards a serious club like Udinese, even if I have Napoli in my heart.

“Inler is also highly regarded in Udine. There is even a fan club in his honour that boasts 450 members. The important thing is that he is well and that he plays with a team that lives with him like a ‘married couple’.

“If many teams like Inler, then there is a reason why. He is a serious lad who isn’t into excesses. He doesn’t drink Coca Cola only still mineral water. It’s a significant side of his character.”