James wants another six years at Portsmouth

The 36 year-old goalkeeper told The News: “I think being here has had an influence on how I play. I’m happy. I can only play if I enjoy playing. It’s not a financial decision.

“It’s a case that I can’t do what I do without enjoying it. The environment here is a good one. The scope for improvement across the board at Portsmouth Football Club is massive.

“There are 20,000 loyal fans here week in, week out. The Middlesbrough game was a pretty miserable Tuesday evening, but the fans were there still singing the European tour song.

“There’s room for growth. If things go right for the gaffer and the owners, there’s an opportunity for Portsmouth. We have a good foundation. If the building blocks are put up in the right way we can evolve.

“If the opportunity was here and everything was right then why not stay until I’m 42? It would be nice to play a part of the fruit-bearing stage of things and not just the feeding.”