Jol: Players should show Vinnie Jones-style qualities

He said: “Our away form could be the difference between getting into Europe or not. If we struggle to get away points we will not be up there.

“Normally we talk about things and go through videos on a Sunday or Monday. This week was different because of the international games and I had to wait.

“We’ve talked about what happened at Reading and what we could do better.

“Blackburn are the same as teams such as Aston Villa and Reading who are strong at home. It’s another tough away game.

“It’s a problem because if you don’t get points away from home you will never end up in a good position in the league.

“We need to be tougher and more professional than we were at Reading. Their first two goals were from corners.

“If you are strong enough you will get points away from home. It’s not only about mentality it’s about physical toughness. Players have to take responsibility.

“We don’t buy Vinnie Jones-style players. We have football players but, if they want to prove they can be tough and physical as well, I don’t have a problem with that.

“I saw Ryan Giggs do a left-back job against Blackburn for example. Even the top players need a physical side to them.”