Jorgensen will not leave Fiorentina

Rumours have linked Jorgensen with a move away from the Viola.

“Martin is united to the club and to the city of Florence,” the agent told ” I personally do not believe he will leave in June.

“It is more likely that he will retire. He could remain with Fiorentina, performing an internal role, but all this will be discussed calmly at season’s end.

“There is currently a season being played out at the moment, and these discussions do not take place now. I think that this will be his last season as a player though, unless [coach Cesare] Prandelli asks him to help out for just one more season.”

He continued: “I don’t see Martin wearing another guernsey, and he believes this as well. He has a lot of dignity, and will finish playing football with Fiorentina.

“He is an important player, and does not accept fallback solutions.”