Jose: We deserved the win

Mourinho told Sky Sports: “In the pure sports point of view, I think it’s a great victory.

“Not just the three points but the way we got the three points.

“I think we played an amazing game. I think the team were magnificent, from a tactical point of view, the attention to everything we spoke about and the unbelievable commitment. Physically, they were unbelievable – I’m just sorry we couldn’t kill the game before as we had many, many chances to score a second goal.

“1-0 is short for the difference between the two teams tonight. I think the last two defeats Barca had in the Champions League were both against Chelsea.

“Nobody could beat them but Chelsea could beat them twice – playing 11 versus 11 and today the pitch was beautiful. Chelsea was the best team and deserve the victory clearly.

“I’m not saying we are much better than them – in a normal game, they can also beat us as they also have a great team but, tonight, even the most fanatical Spnish supporter, if they want to be honest, have to say Chelsea were the best team.”