Juventus coach Ranieri: BATE surprised me

Juventus where 2-0 down, but managed to fight back and get a 2-2 draw in Minsk.

Ranieri said: “We knew BATE would take this kind of approach, but they did surprise us with their pace, there’s no point denying it. The strikers were moving constantly and the diagonal passes kept finding them.

“It was a nightmare 25 minutes and we did well not to give up. The side reacted brilliantly and the moment we managed to string a couple of passes together, we went into the area.

“Before that it was just impossible to move the ball around the way we usually do. We couldn’t close them down anywhere on the pitch.”

Youngster Sebastian Giovinco started the match for Juventus.

Ranieri added on Giovinco: “We wanted to clear Giovinco on the right flank because their full-back never pushed forward there, but BATE didn’t give us time to think in midfield and we just couldn’t get into the game. It’s lucky we held on and reacted well to earn the point.

“Giovinco is doing his part this season, but we cannot ask for the moon immediately, even if he did put in two great assists. We need time to get to know him and he to know us.”