Keane blasts ‘hard to like’ Man Utd

Manchester United legend Roy Keane
Manchester United legend Roy Keane. Photo by Shutterstock.

Manchester United legend Roy Keane blasted the team after they stumbled into the FA Cup final.

United had to resort to penalties to get past Coventry City after blowing a 3-0 lead at Wembley today.

Keane labelled Manchester United as “embarrassed” to win after the match.

Roy Keane said on ITV Sport: “I think from the United players and the supporters they weren’t really going over the top with the celebrations.

“Because they know that they were quite lucky today. They had the game won at 3-0 and they are almost embarrassed to win in the end.”

He went on to add: “Every time I see this United team I don’t like what I see.

“They’re hard to like and they just play in moments.

“We keep talking about leadership and characters – I don’t see any of that in this United group.

“The team management when you’re 3-0 up… you don’t give a Championship team any sort of hope that they can get back in the game.

“But that’s what they do, they give up chances, they give up goals.

“We’ve seen it all season so I don’t know why we’re that surprised, but my goodness they rode their luck in the end.”