Koscielny happy at Arsenal

Koscielny joined the Gunners in a £10million summer move for French side Lorient.

“It has been a busy and satisfactory start for me. I am happy with my first few months at Arsenal,” said Koscielny.

“I have come to a big club where I knew things would seem different from my previous team, Lorient.

“Going abroad there is always that adaptation period for anybody, but there are a lot of French people here and there have been no problems integrating.

“I think things are getting better and better – communication with my team-mates is improving and I am settling very well.

“I know I will profit from the environment and lifestyle here.

“I am understanding more and more English – I have the football words already, like ‘man on’ and ‘time’ – those are the most important things to know as soon as you arrive.”

The 24-year-old added: “The toughest match for me so far was definitely West Brom.

“I had been playing lots of games prior to that one and was at the limit of my physical possibilities.

“When you are not at your physical best, it is hard to mentally give the effort such a game requires.

“To lose at against them at the Emirates Stadium left a bitter taste and we have to be unbreakable at home.”

The centre-half added: “Everyone can play his part, go out onto the pitch and do something that benefits the team. That’s so important.

“The confidence is good, the atmosphere among everyone is too, everyone is pulling in the same way. Positive feeling like this helps us face matches and win them.”