Kranjcar could have left Spurs

Kranjcar turned down a move to Werder Bremen in January as he is keen to establish himself in the starting XI at White Hart Lane.

“I talked openly to the manager and obviously I want to play football and I asked if a good opportunity came in for me, which it didn’t and that’s the reason why I am still here at the end of the day, if he would make any problems for me leaving,” Kranjcar told Sky Sports News.

“He said he understands my position and if I stay obviously nothing changes in that respect. I will always give 100 per cent in training and keep working and fighting for my place in the team and so that’s what happened.

“I do believe that I missed games and I think every footballer misses games, and to be match-fit you have to play games so obviously in that respect it is not the best.

“But I think from my experience point of view, those games that I got chances to play in and from the goals I have scored, especially for the national team and coming on on Saturday, I am in my best footballing years.”