Kuyt: We can win the Premier League next season

The Reds have impressed this season and looks set to finish second in the league.

“This team can be proud of itself, and the way we have played this season no matter what happens in the final week, we can raise our heads high,” Kuyt told The Daily Mirror.

“We have beaten the biggest teams, United and Chelsea, twice each in the league. We can say that there were too many draws in the home games, but you have to learn from it because we are a young team.

“We have a sense now, a really strong belief that we can go on and achieve what we want because the quality is there and the progress is there. If it is not enough this time we will definitely be there for the big push next season.

“The team is getting more experienced, and importantly, the players are now in it for the long term. Important players have agreed new contracts and they all believe they are part of something big. The belief is there.”