Liverpool ace Mascherano want to copy Tevez

The duo has been close friends since they played together at Corinthians and later at West Ham.

He said: “I have a good relationship with Carlos.

“He is playing for Manchester United and me for Liverpool, but it does not matter because we are friends.

“I am happy for him that he has done well, that he has won the Champions League.

“When we play against each other, of course, I want to win, to beat him.

“But he is my friend and I am happy for him when he is successful.

“He had the chance to win the Champions League, and when he was in Argentina he won the Libertadores Cup.

“So he has many winner’s medals now. But we need to separate things.

“On one side there is football where we are rivals but on the other in our private lives we are friends.

“I have a good friendship with him and his family, football will not change that.

“I spoke to Carlos after the Champions League final and I told him I was happy for him, but now I want to win it like him.”