Liverpool boss Benitez: Champions League glory will lure stars

Benitez said: “I think we are sending a clear message to the top players now, that we are a good team, a top side and a big club that is improving and growing all the time,” Benitez explained.

“We have got to the final two years in the last three, and that shows our improvement and our potential.

“Some players think that Liverpool is a big club with big salaries and big money, and maybe then they think we are good enough to win a trophy.

“But now when you see what Liverpool have achieved, the players we want will see it is a good team, and we have a good future – and that we can help them improve over the next five years, and offer an exciting future.”

“We want passion, we want players who want trophies,

“You have to have the right mentality to be at this club, because we are a side showing how much we are improving and who can compete at the top level in Europe consistently.”