Liverpool star will never play for Man City

The Argentine has brushed off the Premier League big spenders, by claiming they ‘can not buy history’.

The 25-year-old has long been linked with a move to City.

“City have bought some very good players and they have a very good team, but I will say one thing – you can buy players, but you cannot buy history,” he said.

“I certainly don’t want to play for City.

“You can buy stars, you can spend a lot of money to be in the top four, more than us I know, but you can’t buy what we have at Anfield.

“Here we play with the history of the club behind us. We don’t have their money but we are proud to play for Liverpool.

“I know that they have the money and they are building a good side but I am still so proud to play for Liverpool.”

Liverpool face City in the Premier League on Sunday.

“It is normal for Liverpool to play under pressure all the time, but maybe not for City,” he said.

“And although they have spent a lot of money to reach the top four, and have some good players, so do we.

“I think City respect Liverpool because of our history. We will fight until the end.”