Liverpool striker Crouch determined to prove his worth

He told the Liverpool Echo: “I was disappointed to miss out on Saturday, so it was good to play against Toulouse.

“The manager explained to me it will be a long season, and he proved what he meant by replacing the two who started on Saturday with myself and Andrei (Voronin).

“I’m sure he will continue to chop and change, but everyone will play their fair share.

“Everyone knows players want to be playing every game, so when you are geared up all pre-season to play the first game against Aston Villa, of course you don’t want to miss out.

“Anyone who was in my position would feel the same. People would be more disappointed in me if I didn’t feel disappointed not to play.

“But what I will say is that whenever I’m called upon I’ll be ready. I’ve got to prove to the manager when I get the chance that I should be in the team.”