Man City boss: Dunne is developing as an outstanding captain

Pearce said: “I wish I could get two more like him. I think he’s an outstanding man.

“I had to make a big, big call lat summer to change captains, which wasn’t an easy decision for me.

“But sitting here at this stage of the season, I’ve got that right, no doubt about that. He’s a top man and a he’s been a top player this year.”

He added on City’s website: “If Richard’s fit he plays. His form has been good and I’ve watched the game on Saturday live [Portsmouth] then viewed it again and you think ‘Dunnie’s got that block in, Dunnie’s headed that one out of the box.’

“That’s why he’s the captain of the football club. His heart’s in the right place, he genuinely has a great feel for this Club. The only fault that I’ve got is that I wish I could give him a rest because I wish I had another one.”