Man Utd ace eager to start derby clash

Scholes scored the winner against City in their last meeting at Eastlands.

Scholes told the Sunday Mirror: “The derby still gets me going – there’s no bigger game than the derby.

“It’s probably our biggest game in English football now, especially with the way City are doing.

“It’s a massive game for both teams and one we will both want to win.

“It’s always been a big game and over the years it’s been one we have always been expected to win all the time.

“Maybe now people will fancy City because they are at home We know it will be difficult going to their place but we will give it a go and hopefully get the right result.

“We won three out of the four against them last season They did manage to win one at home, but if we play them four times this season we’d take that again.

“I scored last time at Eastlands and we want to go there and win again if we can.

“It doesn’t always have to take a long time to build something if you have got money. Chelsea spent a lot of money quickly and they won the League within a couple of years. City look like they want to do the same – whether they will only time will tell.”

He added: “I know it’s a while since we’ve lost, but we have also dropped silly points in the League and maybe not won games we should have done.

“We haven’t hit the heights yet, we still haven’t reached top form. Once we do, we can start scoring some goals and get rid of the draws.

“It’s a good sign that no-one has beaten us. There are signs that we are getting into our groove, slowly we are getting there.

“It all bodes well for the future if we get some form behind us now because we have a difficult run of games coming up that can help to shape our season.”