Man Utd boss brand Liverpool star a ‘disgrace’

Carragher only received a yellow card for a tackle on Nani that left the Portuguese winger with a deep leg wound.

“Obviously, it was a disgraceful tackle, we know that, but you just move on,” said Fergie. “There’s nothing you can do about it.

“We managed to stitch the wound, which was great news. We’re guarding against infection but the swelling has gone down a great deal which is also good.

“But to give you a date when Nani’s coming back is very difficult to say. On the plus side, we have a two-week international break after next Saturday.”

“We sent him to the hospital to see what they could do and our own doctor and the surgeon there managed to get it stitched up,” said Fergie. “That was fantastic, the best news we could have got.

“The wound was wide and the alternative would have been to wait and just let it heal. The problem with that is infection. With an open wound, infection is obviously a big problem, as well as swelling.

“Those were the two areas we were worried about. We’re still worried about the infection. That’s the key to it, and why we have to monitor it every day.

“Nani has to have it examined every day to make sure there’s no moisture in it, that it dries up quickly. If it dries quickly, we’ve got a better chance [of a quick recovery].”