Man Utd boss delighted with Hernandez

The Mexico international scored a 90th minute winner for United in their 3-2 win over Wolves in the Carling Cup on Tuesday night.

Ferguson told Sky Sports: “We tend to build up heroes very quickly here but the boy is justifying his praise at the moment.

“He’s such a great professional, he’s first in, last out the training ground every day and his goal scoring is getting a lot of credit and praise and quite rightly.

“When he came on you just knew that if he gets a chance he’s going to take it.

“His touch and control of the ball is improving, his vision is improving and that’s because the training is intense and we care about our training and make sure our players do improve.”

Ferguson said of Bebe’s first half goal: “It (the goal) was a bit fortunate, but he did the right thing. he attacked the defender and it was either going to be a really good cross or as it turned out, deflected into the net.

“I think everyone at the club is very positive about that (the future). We work really hard at producing our players and they are the foundation of our club.”