Man Utd legend Cantona: United can beat Chelsea

The Frenchman said: “United can beat Chelsea in the league, for sure. There is no doubt about that.

“They are stronger than Chelsea at the moment – and will be for a long time. They have brought in young players like Rooney and Ronaldo and Alex Ferguson has a lot of experience helping young players. Not all managers can do that but he can find the right balance on the pitch.”

He added: “Last year, United had a new team, it was a new generation. But I was sure they’d become the best because you’re stronger when you start with a new generation of players.

“That is because you can work with them together for a long time.

“United have the balance at the moment which makes them the best team in England.

“They’re strong but they have to prove they’re a great team. But they can win the Treble and they need to do it.”