Man Utd star desperate to beat Chelsea

Rooney has yet to record a victory against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in his nine previous visits with Everton and United.

“We’ve got a terrible record at Stamford Bridge – in fact, I’ve never won there in my entire career,” said the England striker.

“It’s not been a good place for me, with United and Everton – I even broke my metatarsal there in 2006 and nearly missed the World Cup.

“You get these strange records in football and there’s no way to explain them.

“I certainly don’t know why we’ve found it so hard at Chelsea because our away record is very good overall.

“But we can’t let it play on our minds. If anything, it will make us even more determined to go there and win.

“It’s a massive game and Chelsea need to win it more than we do. Hopefully, the pressure will tell on them.”

Rooney added: “I’m a bit surprised to see Chelsea so far ­behind us, but I would never write them off. But we’re happy with the ­position we’re in – it’s been a season where we’ve stuck together as a team and had to grind out ­results when we haven’t played well.

“Sometimes you get just as much ­satisfaction winning that way as you do when you play great football.”