Man Utd striker hails impact of England coach

Rooney has revealed he initially found Capello ‘scary’.

Rooney said: “When Capello came in on the first day, he was scary.

“It was mad. On the training pitch, you’d be training for about three seconds and then he’d stop you and put you in position and say that’s where you should be. He’d physically move you. It was really intimidating.”

Rooney added: “He’s changed everything.

“You need to watch yourself if you make a mistake in training. He records everything and he once had Glen Johnson going over a tape because he wasn’t happy with one of his throw-ins.

“Everything has to be right. But he’s done a fantastic job and we’re very happy to have him.

“He’s restored our confidence as a team and he’s given me the freedom to play.

“He gives confidence to some of the players who maybe in the past didn’t have the belief that they were good enough to play for England. You can see it when you look around the team.”