McClaren hails Gerrard

McClaren said: “Steven has been the most influential player for Liverpool over the years and has changed games and won European Cups by himself on the impact he has made.

“Now he is starting to do that for England, which is great for us. But I think he can get better. There is more to come from him.

“I think he has fantastic influence on games and that has helped win matches for Liverpool. We want that transferring with England and he is starting to do that over the last couple of games.

“I spoke to Rafa Benitez about his position and playing on the right-hand side he scored 23 goals, so that has to be a decent position for him.

“He can improve his overall impact and confidence in a game and what we want is him performing for England in the way he does for Liverpool. He is starting to do that at the moment and like the rest of the team, he can get better.”

Gerrard will play his 50th cap for his country against Macedonia on Wednesday.