McManaman hails Eduardo comeback

Eduardo just recently returned from several injuries and made an incredible goal against Burnley in the FA Cup win.

McManaman wrote in his blog at “He was excellent against Cardiff, he was excellent again against Burnley and he looks as if he’s going score every time he gets the ball.

“He looks like he’s over his injury problems.

“His goal against Burnley was absolutely incredible. It wasn’t just a volley with the outside of his left foot – if anything, he’s turned his foot around and it seems to have come off his heel.

“He definitely meant it, though. You can tell that by the shape of his body. He’s controlled it. He’s just guided it in.

“When you’ve had as many injury worries as he’s had and missed that much football, it’s unbelievable that he’s come back and scored two against Cardiff and then had the audacity to try that against Burnley.”