Messi pledges future to Barcelona

But he has admitted he could be sold, just like Ronaldinho, if he has one or two bad seasons.

“I hope to spend my entire career with Barcelona and hope that the club does not decide to sell me in later years, like they did with Ronaldinho,” he told Catalunya’s Canal 33.

“He was an important player that gave so much to Barca, but in the end everything went wrong for him.

“I arrived here when I was very young. I have spent all my career here and hope I never leave and that Barcelona do not say that they do not want me any more.

“I know it is not impossible (that one day he could leave) though. Look what happened with Ronnie. He was not happy last year and that is because he knew that he was not wanted.”

“I will not go to Chelsea, or Inter (Milan) or (Real) Madrid,” he added.

“I do not understand what is being said. Why do I have to clarify something that is not true? I think that people clearly know what I think.

“At 13 I came here and the club gave everything to me and my family. I am really happy here. The truth is that I have all I could need and do not want for anything.

“I know clearly that I never want to join another club.”