Middlesbrough to focus on Man Utd’s Ronaldo

Pogatetz told the Evening Gazette: “Ronaldo is a very good player, he has loads of ability but I think Andrew Taylor played really well against him. He scored but it was from a penalty. He had some good runs but nothing special.

“I think we defended quite well against him. He can be frustrating but it was really nice for me when Julio Arca nutmegged him. That’s what Ronaldo tries to do and it’s not very nice if you try to joke around with players. I think he has such great ability but sometimes he is a little bit too much and he winds his opposition up.

“But what can you do about it? You have to get on with the game, but it’s not very nice to see. You have to be patient against him because he has lots of tricks and he tries to wind you up. Sometimes he doesn’t really move forward he just wants to show off his tricks and that’s not very nice for defenders.

“You just have to keep your patience, try to keep him away from the goal and concentrate on your work, that’s the most important thing. You have to be on your toes because if there is any chance of contact he will go down.

“Of course we missed a big chance on Saturday but we have got another one and showed that when we go at them we can create chances.”