Moran: Brown will get back

Moran told the Manchester Evening News: “I wouldn’t have thought this latest spell out will have fazed Wes at all.

“He won’t be happy of course, but he has the character not to let it get him down too much. With the number of serious injuries he has faced in his career he has dealt with a lot worse that what he faces now.

“Even when he’s been fit and has been in and out, he always seems to bounce back a stronger player. When Wes is on his game there is no better centre half around in my eyes. He can play, he has good technique – he is strong and aggressive. He has all the hallmarks that you look for in a quality defender.

“The only problem Wes has is that he is prone to the odd lapse and sometimes they can be crucial. If he can eradicate that and improve his concentration then he’ll become even better. But there are few with his character to get back on his feet again challenging and winning the battle.”

Moran made 288 appearances and scored 24 goal, in the ten seasons he was at the club.