Mourinho: I want Arsenal and Man Utd to lose

He said: “Benfica know Ronaldo well and how to deal with his ways.

“It will not be so easy for him to get one of his penalties. They will not be tricked and Benfica have a chance.”

He added: “I want the teams from my country to go through.

“I’m patriotic and I will be rooting for Benfica and Porto for sure.

“Benfica are a team this season that when I watch them I don’t know what is going to happen. On the day they can be very bad or fantastically good.

“If they play at their best against United, they can do it.

“Porto are in a position where a draw is enough and when a draw is enough you never know. You don’t know whether to gamble to win or play safe. I wouldn’t be surprised if they and Arsenal draw and both qualify.”