Mourinho looking to beat Barcelona

Mourinho said: “It’s a game we want to win, not try and get a point. We know we’re in a good phase.

“Every point is important but we have six. If, at the end of the game, we have seven then it’s better than six but we’ll play normally and try to get three points.”

He continued: “Yesterday, I was not very happy to see him [Cech] as it was quite a bit shocking but, today, I’m happier because the news is better.

“I don’t want to change one single word of my interviews after the game. I would change to stronger words and I don’t want to do it. I just want to forget it but I repeat I don’t change a single word from my interviews.

“Most of the clubs play one season with only one keeper. We can’t do it with two.

“To do it properly, you need to do it with three. At the moment we have one. Next week, we have two again as Carlo can be back next week.

“The point is not the quality of my goalkeepers but two keepers is short for a whole season and maybe we need to get a solution.

“This is not the moment to be worried – we need to support the goalkeepers we have available for the next two or three matches.”