Muamba speaks of collapse

Muamba collapsed and was technically dead for 78 minutes before making a remarkable recovery in hospital.

“I had no pain whatsoever. No clutching at my chest or tightness like you see when people have heart attacks in movies,” he told the Sun. “I felt dizzy but it wasn’t normal dizziness – it was a kind of surreal feeling, like I was running along inside someone else’s body.

“Then I started to see double. It felt almost like a dream. I could see Spurs players running around in the distance and two Scott Parkers and then two Luka Modrices. The last thing I heard was our defender Dedryck Boyata screaming at me to get back to help out in defence.

“He obviously had no idea what was happening to me and neither had I. I just felt myself falling through the air then felt two big thumps as my head hit the ground in front of me then that was it. Blackness. Nothing. I was dead.”