Newcastle legend impressed by Kinnear

Kinnear joined Newcastle as interim manager at the end of September, with owner Mike Ashley looking to sell the club.

Shearer told The Sun: “I was surprised when Joe Kinnear was made the temporary boss, I have to say. But why should he turn down what is a great opportunity and almost a no-lose situation for him?

“From what I have seen in his first two games I have been very impressed. A few weeks ago if we had gone down to 10 men against Manchester City we would have crumbled and lost 4-0.

“His four-letter word press conference was clearly a tactic by Joe to take all the attention away from the players and heap it on him and it seems to have worked.

“It would not surprise me if he was here now until the end of the season and turned things round. Mind you, with Newcastle at the moment you are never sure what is going to happen next.”