O´Neill: Neither side deserved to win

O’Neill said: “That was poor. We played poorly.

“We didn’t deserve to win the game and we can obviously do much better.

“We were poor for long periods. The first half against Tottenham Hotspur, we didn’t play well. That was as bad as we’ve done this season.

“I thought we would be ready for that today. We just didn’t galvanise ourselves. A shame really, but we didn’t play well.

“Neither side deserved to win the game.”

Villa Park was only about two-thirds full, and O’Neill understand the reason why: “The product the fans were looking for just wasn’t good enough today and we’ll have to do much, much better.

“It’s up to us to impress ourselves on the opposition, try and do well enough to keep Aston Villa fans happy and today they weren’t.

“The only way we’re going to get fans back is by playing brilliantly, winning football games and have the crowd on their feet and today we failed to do that.”