Palermo striker delighted with win over Juventus

Palermo won the game 2-0 and Miccoli scored the first goal of the match.

“It was a great goal, a great match and a great evening,” Miccoli told Sky Sport Italia. “I am very happy for my team-mates and I.

“We are there or thereabouts, I have said it on more than one occasion. We must play this way, and if we do, then it is possible to dream. Our aim must be the Champions League.

“We will take it one week at a time, and go from there, hoping to do our best every time.

“As I have explained on many occasions, I had to leave [Juventus] because I had problems with the socety. It does not matter to me anymore as I am very happy here at Palermo, and dream of playing in Europe.”