Petit urges Wenger to change his transfer policy

Petit insists the Gunners need the right mix between young players and expierienced ones.

“Arsenal have not won anything in four years,” Petit stated on L’Equipe TV. “Everything was done to bring together a young team and make it progress step by step, after [Thierry] Henry’s departure.

“But, at the end of the day, the transition did not work out.

“Arsene Wenger was always protected by David Dein, but today the shareholders, the fans and the press are doing soul-searching.

“Arsene is extremely intelligent, he is a visionary. I am not saying that he should change his ways, but if he made slight changes and managed to find a compromise between youth and experience, like Manchester and every dominant team in Europe do, he would find the right mix.

“But it means spending more money.”

He added: “Arsenal have their own touch: moving football towards goal. But they reach their limit when they are playing against a team that plays like them and with the physical impact that Arsenal do not have.

“Man Utd are capable of playing against a physically strong team, as well as against a team that play nice football. Arsenal make the difference thanks to their style.

“When they are facing a team of fighters and that play their own football, it becomes complicated.”