Podolski: I have never regretted my move to Bayern

Podolski joined Bayern Munich from Cologne, for 10 million euros, just prior to the World Cup.

The Germany international has only managed to score three goals for Bayern, so far this season.

Podolski told Bild: “I have never regretted my move to Bayern. I knew what to expect here… but it was an extreme situation for me.

“I played all through the summer and then had to move to a new club in a new city and environment. It was not easy.

“Am I happy? Yes, there are ups and down – but that I knew before. These are all new experiences for me. I’m 21-years-old and I’m still learning.

“It’s my first year at Bayern, and maybe I will have to sit on the bench in the second half of the season too. That’s ok, I can live with that.

“But the fact is: I want to play. And I’m not afraid of the rivalry. I know that I have to improve after the winter break.”