Pundit hits out at Man Utd fans over ‘Ten Hag out obsession’

Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag
Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag. Photo by Shutterstock.

TalkSPORT pundit and Manchester United fan Mark Goldbridge has branded fans with an ‘Ten Hag out obsession’ as ‘miserable’.

Goldbridge insists there is a bigger problem at the club that needs to be sorted and that sacking Erik Ten Hag is not the answer to Manchester United’s problems.

Mark Goldbridge told TalkSPORT: “I find the whole Ten Hag conversation really confusing. It’s almost like somebody has put something in the water. 

“There’s this obsession with sacking him, and yet you look at Chelsea and there’s nothing really being said about Mauricio Pochettino, who isn’t in the FA Cup anymore, who’s just been battered by Arsenal, they’ve spent £1billion and they’re terrible!

“Does Ten Hag need to win the FA Cup to avoid being sacked? Absolutely not! 

“We’re playing Man City who are probably going to win the title again this season, which would make it six of the last seven seasons, they’re the best team in the world, they’re a juggernaut.

“You can’t say United need to beat a juggernaut for the manager to keep his job, that’s ridiculous. It’s been a very disappointing season for Manchester United.

“We’ve had a major takeover, we’ve had numerous off-field problems, we’ve had the biggest injury record in our history and I think we just need this summer and this new structure to take hold.

“It will cost money to sack Ten Hag, and we’ve sacked managers so many times over the last ten years.

“I think it’s very clear when you’re 3-0 up against Coventry with 30 minutes to go and you make a couple of subs, quite rightly because you’ve got a game on Wednesday, and it ends up being 3-3, that’s on the players for not feeling that out.

“I think around the Man United fanbase there’s a real acceptance that the major problem at the club is the players, so replacing the manager and not replacing the players is going to be problematic.

“I think yes I understand some people want Ten Hag to be sacked, but there’s no manager that is going to change Manchester United, it needs a massive overhaul and it needs to start with the playing staff.

“So I disagree. They may well sack Ten Hag because they’ve got these new owners, but that’s not the path I would go down.”