Quaresma: We can still win the title

The Blues are five points behind Premiership leaders Manchester United.

Quaresma declared: “I am a gipsy. I have a personality that means I don’t know how to lose.

“I don’t like losing battles. I fight to the end. I’m going to use this opportunity to show I always fight to achieve my goals.

“When you fight like I do, you can show your qualities. You have to take the opportunities you are given to improve yourself. That’s what I’m going to do at Chelsea.

“Can we still win the Premier League? Absolutely. Chelsea are a team that plays to win and we are used to winning games.

“We will have to improve our qualities and continue to win our games. But we can become the champions of England and win other titles. There are still so many games to play and Chelsea have a lot of quality players.”