Ramos takes a swipe at Benitez

Keane joined the Reds in a massive £20million deal from Spurs, but returned to White Hart Lane after just six months at Anfield.

“You can’t tell me Robbie will not score goals at a top club,” Ramos told The Sun.

“He is a top player and I don’t think he did badly at Liverpool.

“He scored goals and showed he’s a team player.

“He’s definitely a match-winner for any club and if he were still at Liverpool, I would be telling my defenders to watch for him.”

“When you are a top club playing around 60 matches a season, you don’t want to let any of your players go in January unless they have a real desire to go,” added Ramos.

“It was a lot of money to lose on Robbie over such a short space of time – especially in this market.

“Let’s put it this way. I wouldn’t want to lose that amount of money on one player.

“Maybe Liverpool should have kept Robbie until at least the summer to give him more time and try and get the right price for him when there was more time to do so!”