Real Madrid ace hits back at Ferguson

Ferguson believes Real signed the Argentine in order to use his friendship with Ronaldo to get the Portugal international to leave United.

“This theory of Ferguson about me going to Real in order to persuade Cristiano to come the following summer is a work of absolute fiction,” Heinze told the Daily Mail.

“I am a very good friend of Cristiano Ronaldo. This is true, but he always decides his own future. Cristiano is a clever person and he decides himself what is best for his own life.

“If he asked me a question about Real then, of course, I will answer, but I’m not a bad influence on him. Ferguson has spoken about me in the last months and I don’t understand this. I thought he had forgotten me.

“He’s the boss at United and any person who protests about anything is marginalised. This was my problem at times when I was there. Ferguson cannot stop my quotes because I’m not now at United.

“I’m actually convinced Cristiano would offer Madrid even bigger performances then he has at United. This is my opinion and it is normal that I have wanted him to come and play with us here in La Liga.”