Reina: The Kop convinced me to join Liverpool

The 24-year-old told LFC Magazine: “Something that will always stay with me is the special reception I got when I made my way to the Kop goal.

“Everyone was clapping. I thought it must be for some of the Liverpool players, so I turned round but there was nobody there.

“When I realised it was for me I started applauding the crowd. I returned their respect and the Kop cheered loudly.

“It was magnificent. I have never seen anything like that anywhere else. I was an opposition player, I didn’t imagine I’d be on the other side in a couple of years.

“When Rafa asked me if I wanted to come to Liverpool, that was something I immediately thought of. I was very proud to move here because we have some of the best fans in the world.”

He said, on the return to Barcelona next week: “Going back to the Camp Nou is going to be very special for me. It makes me happy, not just because it’s Barca, but because it’s a fantastic venue with great people and great fans.

“I don’t feel I have anything to prove going back there. I want to win but not because I want to get revenge or anything like that. If I’d spent 10 years there it would have been brilliant but that didn’t happen. I have no regrets.

“I spent two years there and took a lot of positives from that spell. I learnt a lot and will be grateful to the club for the rest of my life.

“All of Europe will be watching and we want to be in the draw for the next round.”