Roma coach Spalletti: We’re back on the right track

Chelsea won the match after a header by John Terry in the 77th minute.

Spalletti said: “It is disappointing to lose this way, as the lads worked hard, were consistent and gave Chelsea very few glances at goal.

“We also had a few decent counter-attacks, but Terry did very well from a set play. It is one of their trademarks.

“We must accept the result, but also be clear-headed enough to see that we are on the right track and did well tonight.”

“Considering what the side did tonight, I don’t see why we can’t get the points against Chelsea in the second leg,” continued Spalletti.

“If we maintain this team spirit and of course get some players back, as we keep picking up injuries all over the place, then we can improve our position in the table.

“The team put the effort in tonight and when we really want things, we often get them. This performance will be of help to us in the near future and show the way.

“A side accustomed to winning with entertaining ball-to-feet play that then finds itself in this situation will undoubtedly take time to adjust. It’s not so easy for them to get into the tough, battling attitude of other teams.

“Hopefully through performances like this we can learn and increase the belief we are capable of this.”