Ronaldo hails Real team-mate Beckham

Ronaldo said after the match: “It was a difficult game, not because of the cold or the opposition, but because of the way we played. In games like these it’s hard to find the motivation because we were already qualified.

“The best thing is that in the second-half we have done well enough, we have dominated, we created enough chances, even to win. I believe that in the end we could have finished as winners if the game had gone longer.”

He continued talking about David Beckham: “It is unnecessary to praise Beckham. I have always understood him very well. Without looking he knows where I want the ball, he understands my movements very well.

“He sent very good passes to me and always finds me when I am unmarked.”

He added: “I feel good, I know what I must do, score goals and show that I continue being my old self. I believe that I can help with my goals for Madrid and little by little win a place for me within the team.”