Ronaldo: I don’t feel sorry for Rooney

Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo says that he does not feel sorry for teammate Wayne Rooney after he was sent of in Saturday's World Cup quarterfinal.

The talented portuguese youngster, said: “I spoke after the game to Rio [Ferdinand] and Gary [Neville] and they did not have a problem with me. Rio said: ‘Congratulations.’ I didn’t get the chance to speak to Wayne but I will telephone him.

“I don’t feel sorry for him, that’s certain. Why would I feel sorry for him? This is a time for me to be celebrating Portugal’s achievements, not worrying about things that are not even true.”

“It was not my fault and I don’t care who says it was. I didn’t get him sent off. It’s simply not true. It is just the English press stirring things up.”, Ronaldo added.