Rooney will get more consistent – Fergie

Rooney has hit form both for England and United recently.

“I think when players get into their mid-20s, they get more consistency and I think his consistency of scoring will improve,” said Ferguson on Sky Sports News.

“What I have noticed with Wayne is when he goes in bursts, his form increases with it and that’s the way it’s been since he’s come to us.

“You hope by the time he gets to his mid-20s, with that experience that he’ll gather, that he’ll get more consistency to his scoring and it will spread out better for him.

“We know he can score, it’s just getting that consistency of scoring and he has to get that thing of what experienced players do.

“Players like Gary Lineker never kicked a ball in the game, yet walk off having scored two goals.

“Some players don’t accept that, though. They feel they have to play well all the time and Wayne has that mindset at the moment. It’s all a question of maturity.”