Sheringham: Berba just have to deal with the abuse

Berbatov will return to White Hart Lane for the first time, following his deadline day move to Manchester United.

Sheringham told The Sun: “The Spurs fans won’t be very happy with Berbatov and won’t be treating his return lightly. I understand it.

“Football fans are very passionate and loyal to their team and Berbatov will just have to deal with it.”

He continued: “It’s been going on for years, this is not the first time it’s happened. I don’t really see why the authorities are suddenly clamping down on it now.

“Fans do it to put players off and I don’t think Spurs are any worse than any other club.

“They show their feelings like everyone else.

“Berbatov is a brilliant player and the fans didn’t want him to go. They didn’t want me to go either and I got hammered.

“But if supporters are abusing you that means you must be a threat to their team. All this with Sol is because he is a fantastic player and they want to find a way of distracting him.

“You can’t get upset about it.”