Signorini: Lavezzi reminds me of Maradona

Lavezzi is likely to feature in the game against Scotland tonight.

“El Pocho reminds me of Maradona,” Signorini told La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

“Maradona has great trust in him and Napoli is just one of a long list of analogies between the two men.

“Lavezzi has a classic story of Argentinean football on his shoulders. He came from a poor area like Diego and those who resist these things turn out to be very strong men.

“Physically, Diego was like a bull and he had great strength.

“Lavezzi is just like him and Maradona can see his potential. He is young and has great qualities, both physically and technically.

“I think players like Lavezzi will help us win World Cup 2010.”